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Retirement Marks a New Era, And WREP Welcomes You!

The Wyoming Retired Education Personnel Association is affiliated with the National Retired Teachers Association and welcomes, as members, any person who retires from service in the field of education.  Membership is open to those retiring from positions in the areas of instruction, instructional support or supervision.  Dues for membership may be paid on a continuous basis by having them deducted from the member’s July benefit by the Wyoming Retirement System, or paid individually by the member on an annual basis.  A member application is available by clicking on the “Join WREP” button above.

“Service” is Ageless –

“To make retirement successful you need only to remember to retire not from, but to service”.

The above statement by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, founder of the National Retired Teachers Association, reflects the over-all purposes of NRTA and WREp.   We encourage members to avail themselves of the opportunities to continue to serve the interests of their profession, their community and their fellow retirees.  The Wyoming Retired Education Personnel Association is a continually growing organization that seeks to promote service oriented volunteerism, and needs your participation and support in order to fulfill our common goals and interests.  We look forward to having you become an active member.