Our Vision

Our Vision

Members of the Wyoming Retired Education Personnel will be valued and respected.


Wyoming Retired Education Personnel: Wayne Schatz shares his experience working with Wyoming retired teachers, retired school personnel and retired educators. Discover what Retired Education Personnel are doing in Wyoming, how they are protecting pensions and giving back to communities.


The mission of the Wyoming Retired Education Personnel is to enable it's members to be informed, self-sustaining and contributing members of their immediate and extended communities.

  • AMBA
  • NRTA
  • AARP
  • Other Public Employee Groups
  • Wyoming Retirement System Actions
  • Wyoming Pension Legislation
  • National Legislative Initiatives.


The goals of the association are to provide:

  • Relevant information related to areas of vital interest to the membership.
  • Communication encouraging contact with others having similar interests or experiences.
  • Opportunities to participate in a variety of personal benefits that enhance, or contribute to, the member’s quality of life. Representation on issues related to retiree benefits and financial security at state agencies, the legislature and related organizations.